Types Of Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is one of the tool that is used to dig narrow holes to install posts like fences and signs.post-hole-digger

There are many different types of post hole diggers. In today’s market, in comes in many different shapes and sizes that you can choose from and the holes is the only thing they have in common.

People want to build and mend fences have many choices of fence types to choose from. With each type of fence,you need to have different types of posts.
Below are the list of the four most popular post hole diggers,so you will have a general idea what is available in the market today.

1. Heavy-Duty Traditional Post Hole Digger

If you are planning to get one that you are certain that you will get almost any digging job completed and last for a long period of time, then it is recommended that you go for this traditional model. However, you need to be aware of anything that is not sturdy as the nature of the post is such that a model that is lightweight is not likely to last for very long.

It should have strong and hefty blades. Take notice of the type of wood that is being used by the manufacture of the frame. A good example of a solid wood is ash which is great for the purpose.

Some other traditional models take advantage of the new design innovations. Models that have fiberglass handles instead of the traditional wooden ones tend to be both very strong and can be very useful at certain circumstances. Pay close attention to the fiberglass that is being used. If it is not thick enough or strong enough the performance of the model will not be as good.

2. Post Hole Diggers with Split Handles

With this model,the blades are welded to the frame and not attached by using rivets. This can help to avoid the blades from shearing off if they are contacting with hard things beneath the ground such as rocks. This type of model usually has features stamped or shaped steel which is usually not as strong as cast steel of the type used for the traditional models.

3. All-Metal Post Hole Diggers

If you want something that is stronger than the traditional ones,this model is highly recommended for you. However,many people still prefer handles that are made from woods. The benefits over the traditional ones are not that noticeable.

4. Boston Digger

This model is designed to perform well when it comes to digging holes in stony and gravely earth. It is for a single point to drive down to collect earth which is pulled up later then. This can be slightly more complex than the motion of a traditional ones. This model has many more moving parts if you compare to the traditional kind. This leads itself to a higher number of possible malfunctions of the moving part.

 How to Sharpen the Cutting Edges of Your Post Hole Digger

If it is no longer goes as deep or cuts the soil as easily as before when it is still new, it is most probably the time that you start sharpening the blades. You need to make sure that the all the blades of your hand tools are sharp so that you can use them longer and more efficiently. You might think that sharpening the blades can be troublesome. If you follow our simple how-to-guide, you will show you how easy it can be.

If your post hole digger tool no longer goes as deep or cuts the soil as easily as it did when it was new, it is probably time to sharpen the blades. You should keep the blades of all your hand tools sharp so that they work more efficiently and last longer. Sharpening the blades on a pair of post hole diggers is an easy task, and this simple how-to guide will show what to do.

Step 1– Before you get started, the diggers need to be disassemble. This is because of the blades do not open that wide, you will find it easier to sharpen it if the unit is disassemble. To do this, you need to use a pair of pliers and loosen the wing-nut on the side. After you loosened the wing-nut,you need to remove the wing -nut and set it aside by using your hand. Then, you can push the bolt out that holds the 2 blades together.

Step 2– Use one piece of the diggers to clamp it down into the device. The blade will look like an arc when you look at it from the front if you clamp the tool. It is suppose to look like an upside down “U”.

Step 3 – Before you get the blade sharpen, you need a spray nozzle and water hose to spray any dirt or grime away that is on the blade. After that, let the blade to dry. Once it is dry, you need to use a wire brush and scrape the edges of the blade to make sure that it is free from any debris or obstructions.

Step 4– If you noticed that there is any damage in any area of the blade or it has deep chips or dent, you can solve this by using an angle grinder with a grit wheel.

Step 5-. After the blade is prepared,you can start to filing the blade by using a sharpening file. The file must be about 45 degree angle and slide the file in a front to rear motion and continue this across the entire blade’s surface. Take a look at the blade whether the outermost part of the blade is sharp at 45 degree angle.

Step 6– You will notice that there will be some file burr after you have created the angle you want on the blade. This is due to the result of uneven strokes. You do not have to worry because this is something expected. Therefore, if you want to remove it, simply lay the file flat on top and give the file a few quick stroke.

Step 7– You need to remove the first piece of the tool from the vise first. After that,you insert the second blade into the clamp and repeat this process for the second blade.

Step 8– Once you have done the sharpening procedure. Take a towel to wipe penetrating oil over the surface of the blades. This is done to prevent rust and correction. It is also helpful when it comes to creating a nonstick surface for soil and dirt when using it.

Step 9– After all of that, you can finally reassemble it. It is done by simply line up the tool and reinsert the bolt. Then, you need to twist the wing-nut and tighten it by using pliers.

Congratulation! You have learnt how to sharpen the cutting edges of your post hole digger!

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