How to Know Whether a Lawn Mower Battery Is Dead?

One of the most frequently asked question by users is to know if their lawn mower battery is dead. For this answer, it can lose its charge if it is stored during the winter months or when it is not used for a very long period of time. It only takes about a couple of hours to charge the battery. However, if that does not work, you can test it with a multi meter. It will determine whether it is dead or the other component of the electrical system is causing the problem. Maintaining a lawn mower battery can last for approximately five years.

lawn mower battery

You can check whether it is dead with this few simple steps:

  1. Lift the seat of the mower to get the battery.
  2. Switch on your digital multi meter and change it to “DC” or “A”. This is to check the battery voltage. You need to set the meter such that the value of 13 V for a 12-V. It has to be one value higher than the expected reading. For a 24-V or 36-V rechargeable battery, you need to check the label to determine the voltage. After determining the voltage, set the meter to one value higher than the voltage.
  3. After that, you need to grasp the leads above the finger guards on the probes. The red lead has to be placed on the positive(+) post. The black lead has to be placed on the negative(-) post.
  4. Read the reading on the digital multi meter. You have to replace the battery if the reading is less than 10.5 V on a 12-V battery. If it is more than that, you do not need to replace it at all. However, if the reading is 24 V or more on a 24-V battery,the replacement is not needed. After that, check to see if there is other problems that prevents the lawn mower from starting.
  5. Tip: You can charge a battery that is rechargeable for an extra hour and retest it if the reading is less than the voltage that is mentioned. if the reading is lower, it is time for a replacement.

Different Types Of Lawn Mower Battery?

You do not want your riding mower not working on a mowing day. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find a suitable replacement for a dead battery. Even though most riding mowers can accept batteries of a standard size and voltage, you need to know there are many variations when it comes to battery construction. There are some batteries that is a better choice than others while there are some that will make your replacement batteries might not work at all. Therefore, it is important that you have some knowledge about these batteries.

  1. Voltage– The voltage rating is measured by how much current you can flow through in a given period of time. Most of these batteries are 12-V as well as most cars and other vehicle. However, there are some that are have a higher voltage as much as 40 volts. You have to understand that these are specialized made to power electric walk-behind mowers and you should not be confused of it.
  2. Size and Position of the terminal. Batteries are classified based on their physical size. It’s individual size categories are given a group number by Battery Council International. Most of them are group under the category of U 1  which is about 8.3 inches long, 5.1 inches wide, 7.25 inches high. There are two different types which are differentiated by the position of the positive terminals. For U 1 , the positive terminals is on the left, and the positive terminals is on the right for U1R. The difference is significant. This is because the length of the cables can prevent a battery with the wrong terminal position from fitting. Therefore, you need to check that the terminal position of your older battery before you replace it.
  3. Construction. There are made out of metal plates submerged in a sulfuric acid solution. In conventional batteries, the plates are made out of lead impregnated with antimony. This type of construction has disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that it can lose charge over time even if you do not them. Also, the antimony content of the plates result in corrosion of the battery’s components. However, there are some newer battery has calcium into their plates. This is to help to reduce problems with self-discharge and corrosion from happening. It is less prone to damage such as vibration and impact. Absorbed glass mat and gel cell battery can limit the amount of acid in it so that it would not spill even if it is tip over.
  4. Cold Cranking Amps. There are some that are rated in regard to the ” cold cranking amps” they can produce. CCA rating is used to measure how much the current the battery can deliver within the time period of 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the readings, the more power it can put out in a quick burst at a low temperature. Although it is unlikely for you to use mower when the temperature is below zero, it does give you an idea of how robust the battery can function on a chilly day.

How To Tell The Lawn Mower Battery Size

Lawn mowers have to rely on battery to start the engine. Although there are mowers that have a pull-cord,using battery is the main way how it is start. When it dies, it must be replaced with another one with the electrical characteristic that is the same. The size is measured in volts and amps. It is important to know these two values when it comes to choosing the correct replacement unit.

  1. Have a look at the top of the case for rows of plastic caps that can be unscrewed to access to the cells.
  2. The number of plastic caps. Count it and multiply them by two. This is to determine the voltage. For example, if there are 6 caps, it means it is 12-volt. The reason why you need to multiply the number of caps by two is because the nominal voltage of a lead acid cell is 2.1 V.
  3. Examine the casing for any written clues. Most of them will have voltage and maximum current labelled.
  4. Take a photograph of the batteries if you cannot establish the size.  You can email to the customer service department of your supplier. They should be able to know recognize and recommend which lawn mower battery is for you. Power/Cleaning EquipmentDifferent Types Of Lawn Mower Battery?,How to Know Whether a Lawn Mower Battery Is Dead?,How To Tell The Lawn Mower Battery Size,lawn mower batteryHow to Know Whether a Lawn Mower Battery Is Dead? One of the most frequently asked question by users is to know if their lawn mower battery is dead. For this answer, it can lose its charge if it is stored during the winter months or when it is not...It's all about the things you need to have for your backyard & outdoor living.