Hot Tub Temperature Range

Hot tub temperature is mostly based on your personal preference. Most spa owners always ask questions regarding the hot tub temperature. Most of them want to know if they can increase the hotness of the water to more than the maximum of 104° F.r. The answer is no, you need to keep in mind that the heat of the water should not exceed more than 104° F.r. This is because 104° F.r is the limit on most of the hot tubs and it is a good idea to check whether the heat of the water is accurate before you use the spa.

There are many users that prefer about 100° F – 102° F degree suits them,some find that the maximum is comfortable. At the end of the day, it is most important that you find the heat level that will give you the best experience. Once you have found the suitable degree, you can now enjoy the benefits of hot water.

If you are a new owner, you should try various water temperatures. Once you find the degree you like, keep it within the range. This is because continuous increasing and decreasing the heat can increase the operational costs. Based on US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the hot tub temperature is between as long as it is between 100°F and 102°F.

Hot Tub Temperature In Summer

It is summer and you trying to find ways to cool off. You would not think of your hot tub at that time but it does not have to be hot! Here are a few tips you can now apply to enjoy it in the summer.


  1. Your normal body temperature is 98.6°F. If you set the degree of the water to 85-82°F which is below your body temperature,then you will feel cool to the touch.
  2. Let your air jets run by removing the cover. You will notice the hotness of the water will drop.
  3. If it is a sunny day,cover your spa when you are not using it to keep the hot tub water cooler.
  4. If the weather is cool, leave your cover open and run the spa. The air jets that is operating will keep the water lower because of the evaporation.
  5. Check the settings of the tub to know whether there is a summertime mode. You can use the mode to reduce the filter time because the constant circulation can raise the degree of the water.
  6. You can switch off the heater completely if the climate you live in where the humidity are intolerable.
  7. A sudden change in the heat of the water might cause lightheadedness. You do not have to rush to get in the hot tub. Take your time getting in and out of the tub especially if it is a very hot day.
  8. pH balance and sanitizer level of the water must be checked constantly.

Hot Tub Temperature In Winter

One of the main concern of running a hot tub in the winter is that the pipes might get freezed.Therefore, it is rather important to make sure that there is a freeze protection system or auto heat control in your hot tub and set it according to the instructions of the manual.

A cover that is high quality can lower the energy requirements of the tubs during winter. You can put a thermal blanket under the cover so it can help to maintain the heat. Keeping your spa warm is actually much cheaper compare to cool down your spa and making it hot again. If you do not use your spa frequently, make sure that you check the water level frequently. If the water is too low, pumps and heater stop functioning which could result in the water to freeze.

Lastly, air jets should be turned off if you are not using them. The air jets will be releasing cold air into the water if it is running constantly.Therefore, you need to increasing the energy to keep the temperature up.

Set Hot Tub Temperature While You Are On Vacation


What is the correct degree should be set when not in use is a question that many hot tub owners asked. The answer is that it should be set to 5 degree lower than when you are using it. This is only the general rule of thumb for correct degree should be set. It is necessary to keep you it warm to be able to achieve the operating heat faster. However, if you are not going to use it for more than a week or more, it is better for you to cool of the heat even more.

No matter how long you are not using your spa or tubs, some warmth of the water must be maintained. You must bear in mind that not all hot tub is able to insulate from the environment and is constantly losing some heat. Therefore,you have to use your pumps and heater periodically.

As the difference between environmental and water temperature becomes bigger, the heat escapes will become faster. This will mean that when you are not using the hot tub, decreasing the temperature can saves energy because the heater is not fighting. It is true that it consumes energy to get the tub heated back up. Therefore, a long duration of the lower hot tub water temperature will make up that deficit.

If you are not using your spa for more than seven days, lower the temperature about 10 degrees. This will let your system to preserve heat without devouring much energy. The only problem is only you would not be able to use it once you return.

In order for you to save energy, take a few hours to reheat the water. It would not use the same amount of energy compare to the high temperature maintenance over several days. Besides that, there is another way to save energy which is called incidental chemical savings. By using chlorine, your desired levels will be preserved longer compared to normal while you are not using the spa. Hot Tubhot tub temperature,Hot Tub Temperature In Summer,Hot Tub Temperature In Winter,Hot Tub Temperature Range,Set Hot Tub Temperature While You Are On VacationHot Tub Temperature Range Hot tub temperature is mostly based on your personal preference. Most spa owners always ask questions regarding the hot tub temperature. Most of them want to know if they can increase the hotness of the water to more than the maximum of 104° F.r. The answer is...It's all about the things you need to have for your backyard & outdoor living.